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Deep thinkers.
Strong communicators. Capable humans.

Parlay Seminars are 4 to 6 week online mini-courses where teenagers read a classic novel, participate in student-driven discussions, and develop skills they will need to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives.

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"I loved this class because I was always learning new things when people spoke, and because I got out of my comfort zone."

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"This course was amazing! I liked that we had both written and verbal RoundTables, it feels like we communicated more."

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"This class was amazing. I would definitely take another course to meet other people, get more feedback, and share my ideas."

Learn With Others

Engage in meaningful discussions, meet new people, and learn from their unique perspectives.

Build Valuable Skills

Learn to construct arguments, challenge others, build on ideas, and communicate clearly.

Explore Big Ideas

Read great literature, explore its universal themes, and connect them to the world around us.

Collaborative by design.

Students are organized into small seminar groups of 8 to 12. Each week, they complete their assigned reading before participating in one asynchronous written discussion and one live virtual seminar.​


The entire experience is facilitated by a trained instructor, who provides weekly feedback to each student. All learning happens on Parlay, our award winning instructional technology platform that is used by over 100,000 teachers all over the world.

How It Works
Building skills for the future.

Parlay Seminars help students develop human skills that are essential for success and personal fulfillment in the modern world:

Building and evaluating arguments

Communicating clearly (verbal/written)

Giving and receiving peer feedback

Challenging ideas respectfully

Building on the ideas of others

Grappling with the "big questions"

Developing a philosophical perspective

Practicing self-awareness and reflection

Proven methods, reimagined.

We've been using "Socratic Seminars" in education for over 2,000 years. Why? Because they work.


The great books of our culture have been taught for generations. Why? Because they contain eternal themes worthy of continued exploration.

Parlay Seminars bring technology to the timeless practice of student-driven discussions about great literature, making them more accessible, engaging, and data-driven than ever before.

Our Philosophy
Don't take our word for it...

An absolutely amazing group class for teens with many concepts explored. My teen enjoyed the 6 week course more than any other live class meeting he has been a part of. I highly recommend for parent looking for literary enrichment for their teens.

Sierra (Parent)

The live aspect was the best. It let my child feel as if she was in the classroom and she enjoyed that the most. She learnt a lot in the class from how to read and pay attention to what is in the book to expressing her own opinions in writing and collaborating with other students. 

Victoria (Parent)

I thought the format and content was excellent. I was impressed with the quality of the async conversations. It also allayed many of my concerns about my teen’s progress (homeschooling is full of questions this way!)

Alli (Parent)

Are you interested in trying Parlay Seminars?

We have many Seminar Course offerings available throughout the year. Click below to purchase seminar credits and sign up for the course(s) that interest you the most!

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